Layout Structure

A page layout is a container sections. Start by creating a folder with your page name from developer folder with the following structure:

  1. Folder name of this page

  2. List of sections in this page

  3. Page settings file

  4. Thumbnail file

  "name": "Home v1",
  "author": "LayoutHub",
  "website": "",
  "version": "2.0",
  "sections": ["section_01", "folder_name_02"],
        "font_family": "Poppins",
        "color": "#0083b0",
        "title_font_family": "Poppins",
        "font_size": "14"

Structure of the file page.json: "name": Name of this page "author": Author name of this page "website": Website url information "dev":" Name of developer", "id":"ID of page, which auto generate when download the layout to local using LayoutHub kit" "version": Version of this page "sections": Array of section folder name of this page "theme": Settings for the theme such as font family, color, font size...

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