Layouthub & Shopify
How to display a page created by Layouthub on Shopify (Header or Footer menus)?

1 - You create About us page by LayoutHub.

After you create a page with Layouthub and publish, it will appear in the Page section of Shopify. Go to Online store > Pages to see.
If you want to show the pages on your Header menu (Main menu), please follow the steps bellow:
+ Go to Online store > Navigation, select Main menu.
+ Click on Add menu item.
+ Enter menu name and select the link for the menu.
+ Finally click Save
+ Reload your store and check again.

2 - Replace link on Mega Menu by Layouthub page link.

2.1 - The first way

    Publish page > View page for copy link
Publish page
View page
    Navigation > Main Menu > Edit
    Popup Edit menu item will display

2.2 - The second way

    After you publish pages, you have to exit from Shopify and return again (Remembering do not reload shopify)
    Choose Pages to link
    Last step
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