Contact Form

An email subscription is an option on a website that allows visitors to receive updates via email by specifying their email addresses in a subscription form.

Please follow the steps below to integrate MailChimp to the contact form.

1 - Go to Standard page > Choose Add layout

2 - At Page Layouts, choose Contact > Select Contact layout you want > Edit now

3 - At Contact Layout Editor, Enable Third party mail system

4 - Sign up forms on Mailchimp

Click HERE for sign up.

  • Click to Audience > Choose Signup forms.

  • On Signup forms page, choose Select on Embedded forms section.

  • Copy Form action on Mailchimp page > Paste text on Form action section

5 - Check Field tag

  • Click to " The form builder" ti link to the field tag form.

You need to make sure field tag on Mailchimp page and Layouthub app are the same.

5.1 - Email Address

  • On Mailchimp page.

  • On Layouthub app.

5.2 - First name section

  • On Mailchimp page.

  • On Layouthub app.

5.3 - Last name section

  • On Mailchimp page.

  • On Layouthub app.

6 - Click save

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