Related Product

Maximize the visibility of products on your storefront and promote more traffic within your storefront by relating products to each other.

Related products are recommended based on an algorithm that predicts the most relevant products based on the product a customer is interacting with. This algorithm is Shopify's. We have handled Shopify's algorithm of product recommendation for developing our Related Product. It helps you familiar with how it is working and how we took all the efforts to make LayoutHub professional so far.

Here is the details of Shopify algoritm

When you import a Product Page > You will see the Related Product section.





Give Related product section a title


A short description of section

Number of item to show

The amount of product in a row

Show 2 items in mobile

Turn on this option if you want to show 2 columns in mobile version

Product image size

Adjust image's size

Show name of product

You can choose show full or short product title

Default product related

You can select a collection to preview

Promote label

Turn on this option show show promote labels


Display a badge on thumbnail such as New, Hot, Sold out

Show rating

Turn on this option to show the reviews. Learn more here

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