What is "Pages limit"?

On the Free plan, you can create up to 3 standard pages like Home, Landing, About us, Faq and Contact pages...

The limit of Basic plan is 10 pages, Pro is 50 pages and Premium is unlimited. But with Basic, Pro and Premium plans you can create all of the page types: Standard, Product, Collection, Blog and Article :)

For example, with the Basic plan, you have 10 pages/templates. You can create one product template and make it as default layout for all products. It will still count as one page.

When can I "Edit code"?

You can only use pre-built templates without customizing the code with the Free plan. And only possible when you are in Basic, Pro or Premium plans.

What about "Save section"?

The "Save section" feature allows you to save any section, and you can add that section in the next time you use it. But you only can use this feature with Basic, Pro and Premium plans.

For example, on the "About us" page has the "Video Banner" section and you want to save that section to use for other pages.

In the future if you want to add the "Video Banner" section to any page, you can find it on MY SECTION tab.

What is " Auto save draft"?

The system stores a record of each saved draft or published update, it is the last page edits saved. You can restore to any revision in history.

What is "Integration Services"?

We support the integration of email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Hubspot... into the popup subscribe form.

So you just need to create and your customers can subscribe. LayoutHub limits these requests with each plan. That mean each customer who clicks on the subscribe is one request.

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