Customize Shopify Home Page

1. Insert block sections from LayoutHub to top or bottom of Shopify's home page

With Basic plan, you can insert some sections from LayoutHub to the top or bottom of your existing home page. For example, I want to insert a block to bottom of my home page. Go to Standard pages -> Insert a block to exist page -> Insert to bottom:

Select the home page to insert and go to the next steps:

Choose any blocks that you want to insert to your home page:

The section just inserted will appear at the bottom of home page like this:

When finished editing, you can publish the new home page by clicking on the "Publish page" button at the top right corner and turn on "Publish page" and "Make as home page" options.

Finally, just go to view your home page to see how it looks :)

2. Insert sections from LayoutHub to anywhere of your Shopify's home page

With Pro and Premium plans, you can insert some sections from LayoutHub to your existing home page. From LayoutHub dashboard, click on Flexible custom Homepage.

You will be redirected to the editor home page. Just click Add section to insert the sections from LayoutHub to.

You can add any blocks from our library to your home page.

The same steps for insert sections to top or bottom of Shopify home page :)

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