Collection Template

How to create Collection template?

Follow instruction below:

1 - Click to Collection template > Add new collection template

2 - You can start with blank layout or layouts available in our library

    When edit template you can see whole collection layouts and collection sections in our library

3 - Config Layout

3.1 - Section settings

3.1.1 - Background color

3.1.2 - Background gradient colors

Background overlay & gradient You can make background overlay by set only the first color with rgba color (alpha < 1)
Gradient colors

3.1.3 - Background image

3.1.4 - Advanced

- Margin Padding

3.2 - Editing

3.2.1 - General

    Select collection
    Number of item to show
    Show 2 items in mobile:
    Show product title:
Full title
Short title
    Product image size
Remember, you have to follow available syntax for displaying.
    Promo label
    Use rating
    Banner content

3.2.2 - Sidebar component

    Style sidebar
Left sidebar
Right sidebar
Off - Canvas
      Component title and Select Menu
This Menu take from Shopify navigation
      Component title and Filter values
      Learn more How to set color here
    Item width
      Component title and Filter values
      Enter your tag here, Example: S,M,L,XL
When you click to S, M, L, 42, 34, 25,... it will filter product. You have to set tag for product first.
    Item width
Remember set tag for product
    Feature products
    Banner sidebar

3.2.3 - Change text

Use for changing text in Title features: You can change size, color, style, background, etc...

4 - Set default

Collection template only active when you set template as template default for all collection or as template with assigned.

4.1 - Layout for all collections

4.2 - Layout for each collection

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