Translate Apps

Are you afraid that your products will be difficult to access with your customers because of language differences? Don't worry, I will guide you to use a few translation apps so your goods and stores can get closer to customers from all over the world without being affected by language gaps. These apps are used and tested by our clients. They checked them to work, and so we did too.

For example:

Your Clients form Germany and he don't know about Japanese. So these apps is your solution. They will be translate all the word on the website from Japanese to Germany by exactly not like words by words :)

You only can translate publish page which was created by Paid-plan Layouthub.

After you installed app to your Shopify store:

Please go to Langify app > Theme > Sections

All the content of the pages created by LayoutHub will display under Sections tab to translate

Done. That's all. Lets out and check again!

After you installed Translation Lab to your Store

Accessing to App and follow this steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

AI translations - translate your store instantly using Google’s state of the art Neural Machine Translation System.

You can follow this Video to Config app

Follow the below images to translate the page content created by LayoutHub.

The LayoutHub's pages will appear under Sections tab to translate.

If you can not find the content of LayoutHub, please try to click on "Sync Items" to scanning to get the layouts.

4 - Weglot Translate app

You can install the Weglot app here.

If you are a customer on the paid plan of LayoutHub, you can get a discount code up to 15%. Contact us now to get a discount code! :)

Once Weglot is installed on your website, the language switcher will automatically appear in his default position at the bottom left. You can then switch between your original language and destination language. Weglot will then provide a first layer of automatic translation stored on your Weglot dashboard where you can edit them.

To edit the translations, open Weglot app and follow below images:

Open Translations tab:

All of your translations will be displayed to edit. You can search for the paragraph you want to edit in the search box.

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