Ryviu: Product Reviews App UGC

"Fast Growing Your business - Building your social proof as easy & fast for your store. Import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, and Dhgate."
Have you had any reviews on your products yet? Let's install "Ryviu" on your store now. With this easy-to-use with quickly helps about driving traffic, increasing your SEO and sales. Ryviu application will be your great and friendly partner.
Ryviu - a friendly review application for your store!

About Ryviu: Product Reviews App UGC

Don't you know how to increase conversions?

Let try to use the Ryviu app! It is a product review app that helps quicky drive traffic, increase your SEO and sales.

Provided by Ryviu

  • Collect products reviews
    Improved customer trust, drive traffic, increase SEO and your sales by showcase product reviews with photos on any page of your store.
  • Import product reviews
    Import product reviews from AliExpress, Etsy, DHGate, and Amazon. Editing reviews and customize your reviews widget to fit your design store
  • Free version available
    Free version is available, but no trademarked, and enthusiastic support team help you no matter you pay or not
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Installing direction

1. Install "Ryviu" on Shopify App Store

Click HERE to install app!
Adding app and accepting installation's invitation on your store.
Install app - just by one click.
Back to Shopify and make sure if it appears on your App list:
Ryviu: Product Reviews App UGC - FREE for using!

2. Testing out Ryviu - Feature

Let's create up your own settings!

3. Integrating with LayoutHub

Final step to enable it on LayoutHub!
Remember to save your change after all.
Does this help you? If not, let's try to contact Support Team for better experience. Wish you have a great day! :)