Layout Management

A live preview of your design, including all our pre-made designs library. This is where you’ll actually build your layout and it looks exactly like it will look to your visitors.

When you open the App from the Dashboard you can see recent pages. Click Customize to go the Editor.

Editor is Customizer, you can adjust all the settings on the left sidebar. It shows a list of sections you can use.

You will see a real-time preview of how that abstract design will render on the right-side. You don’t need to save and click preview to see your new design.

With the Live Edit functionality, the changes you make on the sidebar are immediately shown on the Layout without reloading the page.

Responsive Mode

Our Layout are built and tested for automatically device-responsive, but if you want to make sure how they look on each device.

  • Mobile screen size

  • Tablet screen size

  • Desktop screen size

Auto Save

All the changes you make are automatically saved in Editor regardless to loading the page.

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