Add New Contact

In the "Integration" page, you can also add new contact you want. We provide for you 2 method to do it.

  • Add new single contact by form

  • Import list contact form CSV file

1. Add new contact via form

Please click to "Submited Data" tab in this screen then click to "Add new contact" button to open add new form.

In the form add new contact, you need to select the profile you want and filling all the fields. Then, you can click to "Add new" button to add new contact.

Your contact will be sync on the profile you selected.

2. Import contact from CSV file

You also import data by using CSV file.

In the add new contact popup, you need tick to "Check to import from CSV file" option then choose your file and click to button "Add new" to start importing.

You need to create your CSV file with structure like image below for importing.

List required column

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone

You need to create file structure with field name and column position like image below.

Please visit here to view video create new contact

Please visit here to view video import contact via CSV file

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