The General Settings let you control global settings for the App here such as set up how the Editor is displayed, show or hide some functions, change App plan...

Open App > Settings

Store Details

Shopify and your customers will use this information to contact you.

App Settings

  • Auto sync layout when change theme: When you change theme, the app will automatically sync your layouts to new theme.

  • Reload page after added to cart: By default, we will redirect to the cart page after you add to the cart, if this option is enabled, it will reload the current page instead of going to the shopping cart page.

App Plan

If you want to change your App plan with lower cost. All the advanced features are unable to use from then on.

Advanced settings

This section for Shopify Experts or Developers.


By clicking Connect Google Analytics, you agree to accept LayoutHub’s terms and conditions. LayoutHub doesn’t collect any split-test stats in-app, but uses data collected by your own Google Analytics account instead.

Danger zone

All your layouts will be revoked, deactivated then your site is back to original theme if you click Restore button

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