Opinew Product Reviews

Opinew is a Shopify product review app trusted by 10,000 of Shopify retailers worldwide. Matching design with feature rich customer engagement to import reviews & boost your Shopify store, whatever the size, whatever you sell.

About Opinew Product Reviews:

Opinew can build social proof with user generated content reviews from existing marketplaces and your own customers to leverage positive reviews, creating better experiences and improve conversion rates on your store. Moreover, they are an innovative, forward thinking team looking to integrate a customer-focused marketing strategy onto your online store to boost conversions and trust:

  • Easily import reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay to supplement your products and begin building strong social proof.

  • Use our unique review request features to establish and maintain good communications with customers, enhancing customer lifetime value and repeat custom.

How Opinew grow your business:

  • IMPORT PRODUCT REVIEWS Import product reviews from Amazon, Aliexpress & Ebay. Make your store look busy and build trust in your products through product reviews.

  • REQUEST PRODUCT REVIEWS With Opinew, set your customer reviews on autopilot. Create a review request and incentivize with coupons to increase customer value.

  • DESINGED TO MATCH YOUR STORE Showcase your product reviews with the right colours and fonts to match your brand. Opinew Seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store.

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Integrating with LayoutHub

1. Install "Opinew" on Shopify App Store

Back to Shopify and make sure if it appears on your App list:

2. Testing out Opinew - Feature

3. Integrating with LayoutHub

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