Edit Section Code

Want even more customizable? We provide a convenient ways to edit the files's content of your layout to make advanced changes to the design and behavior of your layout.

Try now with Section Code Editor!

1 - Go to Sections > Choose section you wanna config

2 - At the bottom left corner, click Edit section code.

The code editor shows a directory of section files on the left, and a space to view and edit the files on the right.

You can edit your section code to make detailed changes to your layout. Most of the files that make up a layout contain Liquid variants. Section files also contain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Edit the code for a section only if you have advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, JavaScript, and have a basic understanding of Shopify's Liquid.

It is possible for you to be the boss of the Layouts since you can completely change it from the root.

3 - System saves your file automatically

You can customize every section if you are experienced, if not you can use a lot of prebuild sections/layouts in library.

Caution: Once you finish editing, click to save, you can not undo the changes you had made in this code editor

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