Product Review

1. Shopify Review App

Layout Hub Team has built appearance for Review sections of Shopify Review App on the Product Page. It's very fit to entire page's design. However if you want to manage and analytic customer feedbacks. You need to have a Review App to do that. Layout Hub is the best integrated with Shopify Review App ( the other Review Apps are able to be used as well)

We LayoutHub development team currently seeking collaboration opportunities with outstanding Review Apps working on Shopify. We hope to bring out the full-functionality layouts, the best qualitiy of product for Shopify ecosystem

Please contact us now and be a partner!

Email [email protected]

2. Ali Review App

How to intergrate Ali review with Layouthub

Go to the Ali review app

a) Adding rating star underneath the Product title

Copy the review rating star snippet on Product Page

Ali review snippet

Next: Open Layout Hub > Editor > Edit the product page > Paste the snippet to the text box Rating Platform like the screenshot below > Press Publish to save changes.

Result: The rating star will be displayed below the Product name

b) Adding Review content widget to Product description tab

To allow customer write reviews, Copy this Review box code snippet

In the Editor > Product page detail > Product Tab > Paste to Review tab like screenshot below


c) Adding Rating star to Product Recommendation section

Copy this code:

<div product-id="{{ }}" class="arv-collection arv-collection--{{ }}"></div>

Then add it to Editor > Relate product > Rating platform